IDRepo: Repo Identification Card


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  • Do-it-yourself Repo Agent ID card
  • Easy DIY steps
  • Add photo, type personal info, print, sign and laminate
  • Fits in most standard ID and badge wallets
  • Card Dimensions (Un-laminated): 3 1/4” x 2 1/4”
  • Includes: Lamination instructions
  • Includes: Un-laminated Card
  • Includes: Laminate
  • Fine print states: “The individual pictured here, and the agent named below is an independent freelance repossession agent. In this capacity, he/she may repossess automobiles, or any item held as collateral by any lien holder, and hired by said lien holder to repossess any item deemed by the court to be eligible for repossession. He/she may carry certain weapons deemed appropriate for his or her personal safety in this process.”
  • Note: This ID card is considered a secondary form of identification and should be accompanied by licensing or certification documents as well as a primary form of identification (i.e. state driver’s license, government ID, or government-issued passport.


Repossession can be a tough task. Most people do not want to willingly relinquish items they have, and what can make the situation even worse is poor identification by the repo agent. To help with the process and protect yourself you need the DIY repossession agent ID kit. With this kit you can create your own professional ID with a photo of your choosing, some personal information and a signature that you place and laminate on the provided card. Once completed the identification will fit securely in most standard ID and badge wallets.

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