Counter Assault 8.1 oz. Bear Spray


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Counter Assault Bear Deterrent spray is made to drive bears away in the event of an attack. It’s a non-lethal method of defense against aggressive or curious bears. Made from a derivative of Capsicum, a red pepper oil that effects the upper respiratory system, it triggers involuntary eye closure and intense burning. Comes with holster and 8.1 ounce, 30 foot spray with 7 seconds of spray duration. Easy and quick to use. Studies show that bear spray is the #1 defense weapon against bears.


  • Contains 2% Capsaicin and other Capsaicinoids, red pepper derivatives that affect the eyes and respiratory system, staving off an attack
  • Glow in the dark safety wedge with tie string
  • Works on all species of bear, to deter them from attacking humans
  • Safety cap helps prevent accidental discharge
  • Spray reaches 12 – 30 ft. and empties in approximately 7 sec.
  • Includes holster
  • Use with extreme caution—if not used properly, it can disable the user rather than the bear
  • Made in USA.
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Counter Assault 8.1 oz. Bear Spray
  • Holster

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